Erika Valliere

Casting Associate

Erika Valliere: Casting Associate

Erika started in film as a personal assistant during the press tour for the TV series “Wayward Pines.”  She worked extensively with actors and publicity, coordinating schedules, from events to bookings. She began at Freeman with a unique and in-depth experience in the film industry. Her strong collaborative skills and good eye for characters adds strength to the team.  Her background, as a musician, helps source the most talented musicians in all of Vancouver’s different scenes.  Erika has worked on A Series of Unfortunate Events, Deadly Class, and The Terror 2.

Manon Poudens

Manon Poudens: Casting Associate

Manon is originally from Paris but moved to Vancouver in 2021. She has prior experience as a production coordinator and can think quick on her feet. With a Bachelor’s degree, and two Master’s degrees, Manon is highly educated. She is skilled in Adobe, and Microsoft, which allows her to thrive in the fast-paced casting Industry. When she’s not working with Freeman Casting, you can find her discovering BC, while taking analog photos of her dog, Pancho.

Natalie Dunn

Natalie Dunn: Casting Associate

Natalie grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After moving to Vancouver, she attend a Film Intensive Program at Vancouver Film School. She fell in love with Vancouver and went on to become a Casting Assistant and Session Runner for over 9 years. When Natalie is not working, you’ll find her spending time with her family, and walking their dog, Cheddar.

Olivia Yang

Olivia Yang: Casting Associate

Hailing from Hong Kong, Olivia recently joined the Freeman team. She previously worked in public relations within the film industry. Her strong communication skills and extensive hands-on experience working with filmmakers sets Olivia up to thrive as a Background Casting Associate. When she’s not casting you can find her exploring the hiking trails around Vancouver.

Quinn Jackson

Quinn Jackson: Casting Associate

Rachel Gorelick

Rachel Gorelick: Casting Associate

Rachel comes from a background of communication and writing. Arriving from Namibia South Africa, she brings along her experience as a production assistant and writer to continue her casting career in Vancouver. Her excellent communication skills make her a great addition to the team. When she’s not working you can find her immersed in a true crime podcast while needlepointing her next creation. 

Sarah Casey

Sarah Casey: Casting Assistant

Sarah Graduated from University of Victoria as a Journalism and Art History Major. She continues her Film journey with Freeman Casting putting to good use her on-set experience with her behind the scenes admin expertise. When not at work you can catch her snowboarding in our local mountains or binging the latest Marvel movie.

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